Monday, September 11, 2006

Computer Crime

My mom called me this evening, upset because she was overwhelmed by the material in her tax class. Mom, a certified public accountant, is going back to school to become a financial planner, and she's just taken her first class.

I tried to comfort her, and was in a good position to sympathize, seeing as I'd had the same reaction when I took Tax I last year. And Tax II. And Antitrust... Copyright... Legal Research and Writing... Bargain... The Complete Idiot's Guide to Con Law... etc.

Computer Crime Seminar:

PROFESSOR: Scott Scheule?

ME: Here. Right, I'm a 3-L, I've taken a seminar, and I've written a paper before.

PROFESSOR: And why are you interested in the class?

ME: Well, I've always been interested in crime. And they tell me computer crime is where the money is nowadays.

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