Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Obscuration Upon Earth

I suppose I'm addicted.

I think much of my previous blog's charm was its unabashed expression of (what were at times, rather silly) emotions, from exuberance to depression. Of course intense emotions often involve others, and others often don't want the world to know what feelings they've inspired you to brew. Understandable, but I still want to vent every now and again, if only to myself, my Aunt, and random viewers.

I will, however, try to be more considerate in what I let fly.

Additionally, my opinions on many things have mellowed as of late, which may make me more tolerable, if less interesting.

At work

[Coworker looks over the book lying on my desk, Emotional Intelligence]

Scott: I suspect I'm emotionally stupid.

Coworker: You're a man--it doesn't matter.

1 comment:

Courtney L. said...

oh god, does that mean I'm emotionally retarded?
does blogspot have filters on it, so that you can decide which users can see what? they have something like than on livejournal, and if so you might find that useful.
hope you're doing well, let's get together again soon!