Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cats in Boxes

Today, Professor Ginsberg and I discussed perhaps the greatest opera ever--Duke Bluebeard's Castle. We're both fans.

What a great day! We had a top notch Delegation and Privatization class today--our professor, I daresay, almost sounded like a market anarchist. We had jokes, and economic graphs, and references to both Robocop and MI:III. Parabolas were etched! The state of nature was constructed, the social contract deconstructed, Sasha said good things about Marx--I was flipping out!

Then gym. Scott strong. Lift weights.

Chinese with Jay, discussion of Richard Dawkins and how he can act like a real prick, talk of the phenomenon of religion, back to campus to wait for the gospel choir to clear out from the chapel piano as I read (and understood) my Structuring Joint Capital text.

I wrote Tambo an email describing the form of Dvorak's Cello Concerto.

I watched a really sweet episode of nip/tuck. (Note, that sentence contained spoilers).

Also ran into Maya and Kevin, had some good talks.

Developed my theory of the meaning of life as I rode the subway home.

And for no reason, a picture of me last year at the Volokh's Christmas Party as an overworked (note coffee mug and undereye bags), Lochner-era chef.

Also, for no reason, a cat in a box:

If you liked that, you can see more cats in more boxes here.

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