Thursday, October 26, 2006


Scott: Jay, your nose-blowing's grossing me out. Just wad up a tissue and shove it up your nostrils.

Jay: Nose-blowing is always a futile action.

It is truly the tragedy of human existence. Some say the world will end in fire/Some say in snot.

I'm going to take off my shoe.


Just one?

Hanah: Well, I've got this thing around my toe.

[Hanah has something around her toe]

Jay: Is that a Jewish thing?

Jay wishes to addend this passage from the Marquis de Sade, from The 120 Days of Sodom:

And having stretched me out upon his bed with my head a little to one side, he sat down next to me and raised my head upon his lap. He peered avidly at me, his eyes seemed ready to devour the secretion oozing from my nose. "Oh, the pretty little snotface," said he, beginning to pant, "How I'm going to suck her." Therewith bending down over me, and taking my nose in his mouth, not only did he devour all the mucus between my nose and mouth, but he even lewdly darted the tip of his tongue into each of my nostrils, one after the other, and with such cleverness he provoked two or three sneezes which redoubled the flow he desired and was consuming so hungrily. But ask me for no details bearing upon this fellow, Messieurs, nothing appeared, and whether because he did nothing, or becaues he did it all in his drawers, there was nothing to be seen, and amidst the multitude of his kisses and lecherous lickings there was nothing outstanding which might have denoted an ecstasy, and consequently it is my opinion that he did not discharge. All my clothes were in place, even his hands stayed still, and I give you my word that this old libertine's fantasy might be performed upon the world's most repectable and least initiated girl without her being able to suppose there was anything lewd in it at all.

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