Sunday, October 08, 2006

Friend of All Creatures, Retarded and Not

I was sitting outside of McDonough, enjoying a good pipe-smoke and watching the Office, when a loud thud resounded from behind me. I turned around, and there was a bird! lying spreadeagle on the pavement, the imprint of his forehead on the window. I went over; he was breathing slightly, and his eyes were wide open, but otherwise he wasn't moving.

So I picked him up and petted him until he came to. His mouth hung open and he gawked at me.

"Hey there. How you doing? You hit your head? Hold still while I try to get a picture of both of us. And close your beak--you look like a retard. There you go--who's a good looking bird? You are."

He fluttered up on to my shoulder.

"Arrrr...." says I.

I went back to writing to Hanah.

[1:23:19 PM] Hanah Volokh says: do you have a box?
[1:23:27 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: It flew onto my shoulder.
[1:23:29 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: This is awesome.
[1:23:32 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Maybe I can train him.

Then he flew away. Into the side of the building again.

[1:23:34 PM] Hanah Volokh says: are you making this up?
[1:23:40 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: No, he flew away!
[1:23:46 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: into the fucking window again!
[1:23:52 PM] Hanah Volokh says: clearly stunned
[1:23:52 PM] Hanah Volokh says: get a box
[1:24:11 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: I can't, he's up on the second floor.

So I went and found him again, pointed him towards the quad, and he flew up into an oak tree, looking pretty healthy. So I did a good thing.

[1:24:22 PM] Hanah Volokh says: don't tell me any more.
[1:24:30 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Why not?
[1:25:08 PM] Hanah Volokh says: it's making me sad
[1:25:52 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: Check your email. [I sent her my pictures] He's ok. He just flew away.
[1:26:23 PM] Scott D. Scheule says: He's in a tree now. I think he'll be fine.
[1:26:46 PM] Hanah Volokh says: I'm naming the bird Corky

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