Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Pictures Off Cell Phone

Jay struck a cute, concupiscent pose today, but my cell phone wouldn't take a picture because the memory was full for the first time. I decided to clear some things off the card and port them here.

Here's a poster I saw in Philly one day. I thought my mom would like it, since she's always complaining about hot flashes.

Look, it's Jacksonville from the bow of a sailboat! Not pictured: Father Mason screaming obscenities at the crew.

This is my brother, David. He's so cute.

The great thing about Jay is he's so photogenic you don't even need a caption.

Question posed, question answered.

Look! This is my cousin, Ian, playing the drums on All Along the Watchtower at his wedding. His new father-in-law is on guitar.

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