Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I was studying in Wolff this evening (Structuring Venture Capital turns out to be a stimulating class if one has the reading done) when I heard a gasp, and looked over to see Jay, frozen in position, eyes wide.

I snapped a picture. You see, I've been to the Midwest--and I knew I'd seen that expression somewhere before.

Jay Goodman Tamboli: I had a really interesting idea.

Scott D. Scheule says: Did you hear a coyote? Was that the idea?

But go easy on Jay. Today he and he alone came to class in a Halloween costume.

I don't get Rautavaara (but I will be getting some Finnish hits after mentioning the name). Granted, I've only listened to his Symphony No.7, and Annunciations, but those are supposedly some of his best stuff, and, with the former at least, all I hear is a bunch of breathy sugar.

Now, Copland on the other hand, is very fine. I've been listening to his early orchestral works--spiky, concise, punchy and spooky. None of the corny socialist stuff, but plenty of the modern socialist concrete and steel. The Symphony for Organ is lovely, and the Piano Concerto quite fresh.

EDIT: At the proper volume, Anunciations is well worth listening to.

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