Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Beardless

JAY: I miss your beard. I liked your beard; I demand you bring it back.

SCOTT: I needed to know if it was me people liked--or just the beard. Anyway, it turned out to be the beard. Whoops.

Also, while I'm dumping crap out of my camera, here're some photos of the zoo. I go to the zoo often, so it's questionable which trip this was. But chances are Jay was there, because--let's face it--if we lived in Massachusetts, Jay and I would probably be celebrating our second anniversary.

The tortoise was frightened of us, but in the half hour it took for it to run away, I managed to snap a shot.

This is an Indonesian honeybee. It feeds primarily on Indonesians.

A rare cat-snake. It's a snake that looks like a cat.

No idea.

Queen of the crustaceans: the spiny lobster. In Melville's sequel, Moby Douchebag, Ahab hunts one of these as vengeance for his stolen watch.

What might be a sliver of hippo!

So utterly elegant.

We found this thing in Jay's apartment.

This was in a bird cage, or monkey cage or something. When we saw it, Jay said, "So that's what happened to my package."

Crazy-looking bird: I recall liking the first season of Alias. But then it just started to go downhill.

Monkey thing: Look, I'll give you that, but I think the second season was worthwhile too. The third sucked.

Bird: Sucked.

Monkey: So did you see the Office last night?

Bird: No. You know everybody says I should watch that.

Monkey: Do you like the whole Christopher Guest, mockumentary, genre?

Bird: Mockumentary?

Monkey: Yeah. Like Spinal Tap.

Bird: Never saw it.

Monkey: Or Best in Show.

Bird: Oh. Yeah, I remember liking that.

Monkey: Well, then, I think you'd like--wait, a pair of homosexuals are taking a picture. Squawk at me or something.

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