Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Guinness Extra Stout

Nothing happened today. Sorry.

That's not true. I did memorize a poem by Lisel Mueller, and argued with some people about the quality of music. Gym, piano, South Park. Sudoku. Gershwin preludes are the shiznit! Also, this album is absolutely fantastic.

Seeing the food in your mouth is disgusting.

SCOTT: What's disgusting about it? It's just like normal food, but mixed up more. Is it the entropy that disturbs you? Or is it the fact that the more I chew it the closer it gets to being poop?

Look, I'm not proud of saying that, but I said it.

I drink a beer every evening. I find this an immensely pleasing habit that I shall have to plan for and continue.

1 comment:

Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

You're not allowed to drink any more Guinness until you learn to spell it right.