Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy 77th

I'm so close to falling asleep, but I wanted to just check in first. I went up north to celebrate my uncle's 50th and my grandmother's 77th birthday.

My family is awesome. Unfortunately, I had too much to drink, so I don't know what was going on in most of these pictures. I do remember reciting, from memory, Dylan Thomas' Poem on His Birthday for my grandmother and playing Piano Man. Most family gatherings seem to end with me playing Piano Man.

Man, it was fun.

That's my cousin, Emily, and the birthday girl.

I knew a guy who remembers when there was hair covering that crystal ball.


I can't remember what offensive thing I said, but it would appear I said an offensive thing.

What the hell are you doing, Mom?

Cuz Joey.

P.C., Aunt Caron (that's my guess on spelling, but it may be Karen, or Charon, or Cairn) and David.

Just the trunk of my car, completely empty--wait, a minute. I think I spot a stowaway.

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