Thursday, November 30, 2006


A couple of months ago I realized I had the posture of an 80-year old woman and, as this was neither visually impressive nor particularly attractive, took it upon myself to remedy this (though of course the only reason I stoop is because my friends have a silly habit of being a foot beneath me). While it does take a bit of mental effort to remind one's self to stand up straight--tough to do while sitting down--the trickiest part by far has been maneuvering stairways without looking at my feet. One has to develop a feeling for just when the stairs end so as not to be shocked when discovering either the floor has arrived a step too early, making your kneecaps tingle with the impact, or a step too late, making you stumble for a heart-stopping half-second through mid-space.

At this point though, I've gotten the hang of it.

Have spent an entire day within library, taking an hour out for the gym, meticulously outlining International Tax text, fighting off the urge to continually hit the refresh button on Defamer and seeing who the most recent young starlet is to disembark a vehicle while bearing a dromedary nether knuckle.

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