Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving and Crap!

Last Tuesday evening I went home for Thanksgiving, and Jay, being invited, followed. I got lost on the way to DC, putting me ten minutes behind Jay, which was enough to let him skim through Delaware traffic while I got stuck. You want government incompetence? Who decides to do road work requiring reducing I-95 to a one lane bottleneck two days before Thanksgiving? So I took my computer out of my bag and watched Fierce Creatures as I inched along.

Anyway, spent most of the time studying and outlining, taking time off for Thursday's feast. Saturday we had a stunning quintuple birthday of my cousin Steven, my twin brothers, great Aunt Peggy, and Dad. Here are some pictures!

Cousin Michael, deep in thought.

Richard has fun with his birthday present: dice. As gambling is the only vice Richard has yet to cultivate, it seemed the right gift.

From right to left? My new grandfather, my old grandmother, and Aunt Peggy.


For most of my childhood, Dad was somewhere in the Delaware Bay fishing on a party boat. Because of this, all his gifts tend to be nautical. Aunt Suzy to the left.

Another example. Aunt Peggy is known for her utterly bizarre gifts. Here's one for my Dad, a fish made out of the remains of a 2 Liter bottle of Mountain Dew.

David reading a card.

Birthday folk, lording their birthdays over the rest of us.

Jay had to go back to DC Saturday, but he missed us, so we videoconferenced him into my computer and set him up at the table with a microphone attached.

Apparently Jay snapped a shot of me when I was stalking the wild turkeys that frequent our backyard. Not catching one, we had to get our turkey from the supermarket.

Marnie with spends some time with her evil cat, Twinkle. Marnie's new husband, who is my new grandfather, is allergic to cats, so she let us have Twinkle, which isn't really a gift, since Twinkle has only one expression used to convey whatever emotion she happens to feel: a fang-bearing hiss. Whenever Marnie comes over Twinkle runs for her, probably to complain about her new caretakers.

Suzi and Aunt Peggy (the latter being fully Peggy Creighton, with the fitting sobriquet of P.C.)

Michael pretends to be me while having a Skype conversation with Jay. As the phrase, "This is Scott--really Scott--and I am a giant butt" is not part of my vocabulary, Jay quickly discovers it is not the true Scott at the keyboard.

The green casserole vied with the butternut squash mush for best side.

My beautiful mom.

My mom.

Suz, Grandmother, Pash.

Jay communes with his roll.

So that was pretty much it. I took a week off from going to the gym because I was having trouble with my forearm (let the jokes fly). It's from preacher curls, but I'm not sure how to avoid it in the future. This evening Jay and I argued in Billy Goat over the wisdom of drinking whole milk, making the clerk laugh.

On the composer discussion board someone started a thread on pronunciation of composer names, leading to this comment from me:

Quote from: bwv 1080 on Today at 11:50:43 AM: How far should an English speaker go in non-English pronounciation? Some Anglicization ought to be encouraged. It always irritated me when professors made a point of sounding like they were hocking a loogie at the end of pronouncing "Bach" or when the local newscaster rolls the "r" in Burrito

Me: That is a problem, as we somehow try to balance precision with snobbiness. Perhaps a good dividing line would be to only use English phonemes, and thus using, try to get as close to the pronunciation within the original language as possible. So, for instance, we would try to get the stress right in Ravel (though we'd use an English R), and we could give a pretty accurate representation of Beethoven, but since we don't really have the ch hiss in English, we'd simply pronounce Bach as "Bah k".

Sounds reasonable to me.

Also today I was reading the Wikipedia entry for Adam West, followed a few links, and then I found the funniest pilot never picked up. Lookwell.

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