Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Broadway I've Been Listening To

Rent's good, though the second act pales to the first. One doesn't mind the prevalence of STDs, nor the omnisexual cast--kind of fun, actually, but one can't ignore the occasional lame rhyme and trite lyric.

Sweeney Todd, however, is the best thing I've ever heard.


Lyco said...

That's because you wish you were the Demon Barber of Fleet


Wild Pegasus said...

Sondheim? Blech. Set me up with Girl Crazy and Gershwin.

- Josh

Scott said...

Lyco, I just looked at your comment in my email which has differnt formatting--this is the first I'm seeing it with the very comic



Of course, he's not Gershwin. Gershwin's fantastic. But most regard Sweeney as Sondheim at his best--if you haven't heard that, it's worth a listen. At the very least, he's a fine lyricist--not Ira Gershwin, but close.

Jonathan Larson's wordplay, however, is more and more mediocre as I listen to it.

Wild Pegasus said...

I've heard Sweeney Todd. In fact, I've heard most Sondheim. I just don't care for the atonal sing-talking that he liberally intersperses. I want goddammed songs in my musical.

- Josh

Scott said...

I know what you're talking about, but it doesn't bother me like it does you.

How do you feel about opera recitative? Similarly annoying?