Sunday, December 10, 2006


I studied until I broke out crying. And then I studied some more!

Today I discovered the composer Boris Tishchenko (spelling of his name varies: my favorite one I've happened upon thus far is "Tischtschenko") through two of his concerti, which popped up on shuffle.

Even for a grumpy, things-were-better-one-hundred-years-ago no-matter-what-the-date-is conservative, they were very enjoyable. Interesting scoring--the first was his Cello Concerto No.1, for solo cello, 17 wind instruments, percussion, and harmonium and the other a Harp concerto for chamber orchestra.

I also bought Jay the greatest gift ever purchased, which I will give to him tomorrow.

Oh, also, now that I think about it. My family's going skiing the first week in January. Anybody want to come? I'm serious--four days or so in New Hampshire, at Mt. Washington Valley, with a brother, my parents, and me. We drink, cook, play games and ski like demons. I know, I know, it's weird to hang out with someone else's family--but not mine. Mine is hospitable to a fault. And we always have room. So someone come.

Night all.

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Courtney L. said...

oh, Scott, you even know how to make a girl going to the Orange Bowl envious. there are few things as satisfying as swooshing down the slopes, or seeing a snowball explode against someone's head when their back is turned. in the kitchen. because nobody expects to get walloped with a snowball indoors(ah, fond college memories). hope you guys have a grand time.