Monday, January 15, 2007

Ed's Birthday Party Pics

Pictures from Ed's birthday party:

David only looks like he's on drugs.

David and I ran Meals on Wheels last week. I came up with a hand symbol for the organization, requiring both hands and an open mouth. M.O.W, dudes!

I know that dude! (Please note impeccable posture.)

Ed refused to smile when I took a picture of him. We had this conversation:

ED: And you've seen him right? Huge guy? Well anyway, he uses this corkscrew contraption and actually crushes the neck of the wine bottle!


ED: Yes! And then they threw it away!


ED: Yes! I said, you just pour the wine through a coffee filter to get the glass out, and you're good to go.

SCOTT: That would have been my first suggestion!

And the rest, including Marnie, Mom, Dad, and Grandmother.

First day of class tomorrow.

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