Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm being forced to watch Shanghai Nights. (Knights?)

We've been skiing for the week, Mom, Dad, Dave and me. Conditions have been fair--a lot's been closed, but what's been open has been well-groomed. It rained today, so we took the day off and went to North Conway to shop. Plus David has been complaining about his back/whining about his stomach/moaning about his knees/dry-heaving. Tonight, Mom took him to the hospital.

SCOTT: Did you tell your girlfriend about your injury, you whining little baby?

DAVID: She would just call me a whining little baby, like you.

SCOTT: Is Paige similar to me? Is that what turns you on about her? Way to creep me out, David.

Damnedest thing--I ran into Anne and Eric, classmates from Georgetown Law in downtown (as it were) North Conway: a street lined with four cafes, fifteen gift shops, a salon and a hat boutique. I got a haircut and bought an attractive ivy cap.

One of the cafes we visited was an art gallery (Mom can't stop buying pictures of Mount Washington--her goal is to recreate the entire White Mountains in our living room). I was thinking this:

Maybe the reason I don't get into visual art like I get into music is because it doesn't climax. That's because it has no temporal dimension [this thought activates a bunch of neurons in my brain that contain a record of the day in AP English we discussed Portrait of an Artist, and, consequentially, mental images of Lisa Stout's breasts, which were across the room at the time and more fully developed than Stephen Dedalus]. Music has that dimension. Theater, literature. Of course it doesn't always climax. Sometimes the climax isn't convincing. Sometimes the climax is repetitive. God, I hate Mahler. This probably all has something to do with sex. I wonder if women have this same desire for climax. Well, I'm sure they do. Maybe not to the same degree. Sex. Like Jung thought penises popped up all over in human culture. Maybe men kind of work orgasm-symbols into culture. Man, I look good in this hat.

Anyway, that's what's been happening round here. Hi Carol!


Anonymous said...

Found the sucker. Hi Scott!

Brandon Berg said...

I saw someone wearing one of those ivy caps backwards yesterday. That's just wrong.