Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Et Cetera

SCOTT: We have a problem.


SCOTT: It's a Jack Bauer problem.


SCOTT: You see, next week, there're two hours of 24, and they're starting at 8.

PROFESSOR BARNETT: What's the problem?

SCOTT: Well class gets out at quarter of. That's not enough time to get home.

PROFESSOR BARNETT: So just TiVo it, like I'm doing.

SCOTT: Look, I don't have a TiVo. We don't all get professors' salaries. I guess I can't appeal to your self-interest here. We could watch it in here. Get the AV guys to turn it on.


SCOTT: I mean, it's got all this crap about the Constitution, so it's relevant. How do you feel, as a Constitution guy, about the 24 discussions about the Constitution? Trite as hell, right?


SCOTT: Well screw it, I'll just download it off the Web.


SCOTT: Snickers is henceforth a gay candy bar. Now Mounds, that's a nice hetero bar.

SASHA: It's for those who don't feel like a nut.


BRYAN CAPLAN: Libertarians, being more principled people, can produce more reasoned arguments for their beliefs.

DOSS: Depends how you define libertarian.

ROBIN HANSON: That's right. Libertarians may include all those selfish people who have no rationale for their beliefs at all--they're just greedy and selfish.

SCOTT: And our job, I believe, as libertarians, is to provide them with that rationale.


Reading: Price Theory, Milton Friedman. Completely over my head, requires frequent trips to Sasha's office to even come close to comprehension.

Listening: Some avant-garde , pointillistic, gestural nonsense. Though the Boulez is interesting.

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