Thursday, March 29, 2007


My French vocabulary being about ten words, I have to enjoy Honegger's Joan of Arc mainly on a musical level. Nonetheless, just now I realized that the word I constantly hear hurled at the protagonist is probably not--as I had to now thought--"erotique" (which may or may not be a real word, but certainly is unexpected), but rather the more appropriate "hérétique."

So that's something.

UPDATE: It should go without saying that I don't mean to imply that heresy is not erotic. Such a claim would take me to the heights of absurdity.

In other news, swimming was just a bit easier today. And I think my goggle face went away quicker.

[23:39] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: i was doing this case today, and for all kids younger than 17-18, we put them totally out for the procedure, unlike adults for whom we merely give "conscious sedation"

[23:39] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: this was a 7 year old kid who needed his gastric tube changed out

[23:39] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: the little guy kept waking up during the case

[23:40] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: i'd have to struggle to hold him onto the table while trying to maintain the wire that kept access into his stomach while he was kicking me

[23:42] Remy Boncouer: Yikes. Was he all right?

[23:43] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: yeah, just bad anesthesia

[23:43] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: they didn't do their jobs right

[23:44] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: but i think the kid was somehow resistant to a lot of the drugs they were giving him, i.e., he didn't respond to anesthesia like normal kids would

[23:45] Remy Boncouer: He is the chosen one!!

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