Thursday, March 22, 2007


I know what you're thinking. After being up for 30 hours or so without sleep, I tend to get touchy-feely, smiling at everybody, hugging, tousling hair, giggling. You're thinking that the true Scott comes out at these moments, and in reality I'm just some lanky hippie with a heart full of tenderness and flowers.

But, if that's the case, how to explain the pleasure I still get from reading cases circa the McCarthy era, and the unabashed glee I get from watching Hollywood Communists being pushed out of work and thrown out of federal court, again and again?



SCOTT: Eventually, you'll realize that the real lectern is within you, and always has been. You don't need the lectern--the magic's inside!

PROFESSOR: Ha, maybe. But I still need somewhere to put my books.


I keep getting "props" for this email I sent to the student listserve on the subject of our graduation speech. So, for posterity, here it is in full:

How about everybody does the speech, but each person says one word (except Mark, who's said enough). That way, nobody's left out (except Mark). Also, the speech should be a verbatim reading of the transcript of season 4 episode 2 of Growing Pains, the one where Kirk Cameron killed the guy for money, and felt guilty afterwards.

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Mark said...

I didn't know that "posterity" means "stored digitally on Google's server as a blog post."

I should've majored in English. Now my regret is stored for posterity.