Tuesday, March 20, 2007


SCOTT: I got to sleep at 4:30. I quit Nytol, and my body doesn't remember how to sleep without it.

JAY: Any reason?

SCOTT: I feel very stupid lately, and I'm looking for things that might be causing it.

JAY: You're old.

SCOTT: I'm 25 [editor's note: I'm 24. Q.E.D.]. This should be my prime.

JAY: Sixteen's your prime. It's downhill from there.

SCOTT: Maybe it's just hanging out with you. That's not to say you're an intellectual titan or something, and I constantly feel insignificant around you. Rather, I constantly feel you dragging me down to your level, like intellectual quicksand.

JAY: See you tomorrow.

SCOTT: What did I do with my keys?

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