Thursday, March 22, 2007

A True Blue Dream of Sky

THE DEAN: [sneaking up behind me, looking over my shoulder and pointing at my computer screen] Can you hear the sheet music just reading it like that?

SCOTT: Eh, kind of. Not really. But hell, at least it's better than reading law, right?

[Dean laughs and walks off]

SCOTT: [to Jay] I met him during first year orientation and I made a stupid joke then as well. This adds a nice bookend to my time here.


TODD: There are holes in the patio!

SCOTT: This is what happens when you let the pro-choice group advertise next to the chapel! We're being drawn slowly into Hell!


Besides, all I'm doing now is watching YouTube videos and wondering how much I can splurge on brownies.


The EJF brownies? Professor Barnett bought one last night and wouldn't stop complaining about it throughout class.
I think he just doesn't like the taste of charity.

[Todd: it's not charity if you get a dollar's worth of brownie out of it]


Todd said...
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Todd said...

Why do you always get the last line? I thought my response that getting a dollar's worth of brownie didn't constitute charity was worth repeating.

Scott said...

Why do I get the last line? Hmm. Let me see here. What's the name on this blog? Is it Todd Condie? Wait! It's not! It's my name! Not yours.