Thursday, March 08, 2007


Ah. Home again. Main draw is of course various small animals to pick up and coo at (each one hates this but patiently submits). Also family, home-cooked meals, fireplace, and hot tub.

Listened to a reading of Plutarch's Lives on the way home. Wonderful stuff.

Goddamn snow.

Current listening: Bach Mass in B minor, BWV232, Harnoncourt.

Today, Jay and I were eating at Union Station when Sasha strolled up and said hi. He went off to pick up some Chinese, and Jay and I pulled over a table and chair for him. But no sooner had we done this then some complete stranger sat down in Sasha's seat.

SCOTT: Touché, anonymous stranger. Nicely played.

JAY: Oh well.

SCOTT: Looks like Sasha's getting his food to go anyway.

Nobody wants to eat with us.

[Sasha returns]

SCOTT: [loudly] We pulled you up a seat, but something went horribly awry.

STRANGER: [effeminate] Are you talking to me? Oh, I'm sorry.

SCOTT: Only kidding!

STRANGER: Please let me get up.

SCOTT: [embarrassed] No, there's no need! It was just a joke!

I just didn't know anyone was sitting...

[mortified] It's ok! He doesn't want to eat with us anyway!

Really, no problem, I'm so sorry.

Please, don't bother!

[Anonymous stranger takes his stuff elsewhere]

[Jay, Scott, Sasha exchange looks]

... Well. Now you have to eat with us.

Pet post getting mad play.

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