Saturday, April 07, 2007


DAD: You know, Dwayne Allman died right after this record. He's one I would have liked to see last. At that time, he said something like: "I've finally figured out how to play the guitar." And then he died. If he was still alive...

SCOTT: For me, it's George Gershwin. Just as he was starting to develop a flair for high level classical form, gone. Who knows what he could have done?

And that killed that conversation dead in its tracks!

Incidentally, if anyone needs a good dentist in the Salem County area, I highly recommend Stephen R. Scheule, DDS. My grin has returned to its former glory, thanks to this gentleman.

Man, forgot how good the Sopranos is. Anywho, here's wishing you all the bluest skies.

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Wild Pegasus said...

I smell nepotism.

- Josh