Thursday, April 19, 2007

Et Cetera

Scene: Outside the Hart auditorium, just this side of the glass partition, Isaac, Jay, and Scott are talking.

So anyway--

[Sasha suddenly appears pressed against the other side of the glass, pushing his not insignificant nose against the pane.]

[There's some staring. Time passes.]

SCOTT: [gesturing] Isaac, this is my Regulations Professor. He's vowed to keep scaring people by doing this until he gets tenure.


[7:03:00 PM] Scott says: I just made my professor crack up.

[7:03:26 PM] Scott says: Somebody else was talking and I whispered something. He started giggling and ducked behind the podium.

[7:06:13 PM] Scott says: And he used to be a standup comic!

[7:50:03 PM] Scott says: Professor's got that look in his eye that says: "I'm not letting you out in time to catch The Office."

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