Monday, April 02, 2007

Global Warming

[7:55:00 PM] Scott says: Here's a phrase I'm surprised I've never heard: "We put the SIN in WisconSIN."

Christ, my back still hurts. I'm going to the health center.

When people IM me, I grab onto them like a bulldog on a piece of rope, and refuse to let them out of the conversation.

Big SCOTUS case today on global warming. Turns out the EPA has to reexamine its treatment of C02 and Massachusetts has standing to sue it. I haven't read the briefs or followed the case, so legally I've no opinion. My interest is piqued, since intelligent people I know are split on the merits.

Policy-wise, though, I suppose this highlights what a poor libertarian I am, since the outcome doesn't bother me. With any luck this signals our movement past the inane debate of whether or not global warming is happening ('tis) to the far more interesting question of what's to be done about it.

[22:44] allikat107: i know the feeling- spring evenings make me very restless, expectant- gotta move out in it

[22:44] allikat107:
ever since college

[22:44] Remy Boncouer:
I know. Feel this urge to get so much done--that usually dissipates by the next morning, but returns the next night. Perhaps we're nocturnal.

[22:46] allikat107: yes! maybe that's it

[22:46] Remy Boncouer:
Do you thirst for blood too? Or is that just me?


[23:02] allikat107: you'll be able to find me living in my car in the cheapest parking lot in the city

[23:02] Remy Boncouer: I know that lot. A lot of neat human organs for sale around there.

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