Monday, April 09, 2007

New York

I love New York. Every street sign is a lyric from some Billy Joel song.

[23:03] Remy Boncouer: Did you cry?

[23:07] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: hell no

[23:07] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: i don't cry

[23:09] Remy Boncouer: Aw c'mon, we all cry. It's a wedding. People at their most beautiful, completely in love, all their family there--little kids around, complete happiness.

[23:09] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: i don't cry

[23:09] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: anyway, one of my pet theoretical pursuits is the roots of leftism

[23:10] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: and this wedding once more harkened back to this pursuit

[23:10] Remy Boncouer: Obviously.

[23:10] Remy Boncouer: It all has something to do with dancing.

[23:10] Remy Boncouer: I mean, come on, that's an inherently collectivist enterprise--it takes TWO to tango, right?

[23:11] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: good point, as a libertarian, i'm against dancing. especially LINE dancing

[23:11] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: and mosh pits should be banned

[23:11] Remy Boncouer: Galbraith was a huge line dancer.


[23:21] Remy Boncouer: Hell, I always think of you as white.

[23:21] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: thanks, i knew i could count on you!


[23:57] Remy Boncouer: So these exhibits had various levels of things removed. Some cases showed the veins, some the nerves. I was staring at one for a while when Clara came over and told me that was enough. It was then I realized I'd been studying a vagina for five minutes.

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Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

It seems to me that a mosh pit is anarchic. It's every man for himself, with little organization (maybe there's a beat). It's the opposite of line dancing.

On the other hand, at the edge of the mosh pit, people usually form a barrier to push you back up if you fall against it. They push you back into the pit. I'm not sure which way that cuts.