Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tempus Fugit


Ah... haven't seen you in a while... Well, you don't seem like the type who gets worried about things... Just caught you on a Friday afternoon, eh? Strangest thing, I've spoken to three people today who just hate their jobs. Not sure when it came out--what it is about today... You're right, it might be the weather. Things come in bunches. They'll do the work, you know. They'll do it very well, but at the end, they just don't like it...

So here's my advice to you, before you go. It's the type of thing you'll hear again and again, but no one seems to listen. Find something you like, find something you enjoy... I hear people complain at age 30, and they want to find something, they expect to find something. They expect to end up doing something they really love--but they won't take any steps towards it. They just do the same thing over and over and expect somehow, miraculously, something will change. And then they're 40, and there's no time to change again... You're stuck.

At 30 you've got time, and you, you've got even more.

(hours later)

I wonder if the porn industry needs lawyers.

Bet the pay's good.

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Wild Pegasus said...

The fringe benefits, that's the rub.

- Josh