Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's the idea of having superimposed neural states in my brain that blows my mind. And the implications--by shifting my focus around in my own head I can collapse whatever wave functions are oscillating there? What a bizarre and magical layer of complexity! I don't know if I agree with a single word of what I read, but all the same, Penrose is henceforth my favorite science writer.

I took a trip to New York this weekend past, with the old Tambowlee. We stayed at the YMCA on Central Park West, where the rooms were even smaller than the dormitories at Wake. "Do you have wireless access?" I asked the YMCA clerk. "Yes," she said, "In Central Park." The weather was beautiful, the Park was beautiful (the wireless passable), and I resolved to get a job in the area so I can move up there tout-de-suite.

I dragged Jay to the top of the Empire State building--he dragged me to the Helvetica exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, which he'd been talking about for months, but which turned out to be a single corner, consisting of a single display case and a video showing the SEARS and Fed-Ex logos. Who could have known a typeface would be so modest.

Hi Mom! I'm calling you from the top of the Empire State Building. OK, talk to you later.

Gee was sadly out of town, and I didn't have Meagan and Joey's number. So I called Gee, got the Hippsesses' cell, and we made a date at a Wine bar on 2nd. I got a nice spicy Red--which, incidentally, was also what Jay was after that weekend. Absolutely wonderful to see the two of them, since it had been over a year. It started to rain and we scooted off the street under the canopy. Then Joey and I left Meg with her mother and took off along the waterfront to smoke a couple of lousy cigars and talk about all that guy stuff that married men miss talking about, I imagine. By now it was getting close to pouring, so we rejoined Meg at their apartment and talked for another hour or so.

Amazing how quickly--instantly even--you can pick up where you leave off with people you care about.

Monday, we took the train home, then took Hanah to the zoo.

HANAH: The Appointments Clause has interesting punctuation. For instance, there's a colon followed by a 'but.'

Which is not only grammatically, but also anatomically correct.

HANAH: Nice use of a gross joke.

At the zoo, we saw them feed the new octopus! Also, panda.

SCOTT: Now nobody get excited about this one: this is just a meerkat.

HANAH: How long have you been waiting to say that?

SCOTT: I just thought it up!

Best part of the visit was seeing a mother Golden Tamarin with two day-old babies clinging to her gilded back, evolutionary ghosts and all.

And Jess and I had a lovely little coffee today. All's well.

JAY: She finished a game of Sudoku in four minutes.

SCOTT: What was the difficulty level? 'Mongoloid?'


Lyco said...

Yay coffee!! Let's do it lots more!

Jay Goodman Tamboli said...

The FedEx logo is not in Helvetica, asshole. It's a custom typeface.

Scott said...

Your mom's a custom typeface.