Thursday, June 28, 2007


Lost my debit card today but got it back. Sweet-talked my way onto a crosstown bus without paying. Ate all three meals a growing boy needs.

Now that I think about it, I haven't stopped moving once until this moment.

SCOTT: Speaking of legs, look at my calves.

JESS: Wow.

SCOTT: Not bad, right? I mean, how did that happen?

JESS: I'm impressed.


JAY: Where does somebody park a Segway?

SCOTT: That's not a bad Zen koan.

JAY: It's not a koan. It's a perfectly valid question.

SCOTT: Makes you think.

JAY: No, it doesn't! I mean, do they park it in a special Segway parking spot?

SCOTT: That is so deep.

JAY: Why is that deep! It's just a question.


JAY: Mu?

SCOTT: That's my response. Mu.

Ah, plus, David graduated! And found himself a job doing something he loves! And made the Dean's list! That's my brother.

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