Monday, June 25, 2007


We have a fantastic lecturer for Torts. Some are mystified I actually enjoy Barbri courses, with their wooden, non-interactive presentation of doctrine. I'm mystified anyone could not love it. It ain't sarcasm--I really do hate class discussion. A lecturer with a full tone, a sense of humor, and a thorough understanding of the topic is how learning was meant to be transmitted. No student participation necessary. No speaking in class without state licensure.

Wailed on the old biceps and triceps for ninety minutes, then studied to the sweet strains of Interludes from Peter Grimes and the sweet taste of a triple cheeseburger. Evening capped with a few pints with Mr. Tamboli which of course ended in excited discussion of state of nature theory, the redistributive nature of the night watchman state, and justice.

JAY: Nice shirt.

SCOTT: Thanks. I changed a lot this weekend. I now wear floral shirts.

And a bunch of Supreme Court decisions came down that have got the hippies up in arms. I have no opinion.


Listening: Ella Fitzgerald sings the Rodgers and Hart Songbook. Ah, Ella, without you life would be a laughable mistake.


Todd said...

I hate this torts lecturer. Hypoing me to death.

Scott said...

Todd, you ignorant slut. It's all the drug references, isn't it?

And don't tell me you saw that George Clooney movie without me, because I'll intentionally inflict some emotional ass-kicking on you.