Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Was Accosted By Mormons

On my way to the the metro I was attacked by two members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. I tried to beg off, told them they were wasting their time, but damned if they didn't match my continually brisker pace as I headed to the Pentagon City stop. We had a nice conversation--though I had to keep changing the topic away from prophets. God, they were nice. Both named Elder, one from Kansas (or Oklahoma, which is the same thing), and the other from Finland. Though Jay says Elder may be a title--though I could have sworn Kansas Elder said it was his name.

Anyway, they wanted to swing by my house someday and shoot the Mormon shit. I was tempted to say yes, they were so pleasant, but that would be selfish. I'd be an impossible sell. So I told them that and wished them luck.

Yesterday, I saw a bunch of LaRouchites singing an a capella arrangement outside the Foggy Bottom stop. Nothing weird, just a traditional LaRouche carol.

Gym, some errands, class, studying.

Jay sent me this picture:

(It's a mutant dog. They raise them so they so can spot people at the gym. Or something.)

Roommate being gone for the week = singing show tunes at the top of my lungs throughout the house.

Clothing optional.

Oh yeah, saw the President today. He gave a speech outside the law campus, and you could watch him speak from the 5th floor of the library. Dedicating a monument to the victims of Communism (completely privately funded--that is the monument, not Communism). Somewhat ironic to have a memorial to the victims of Communists next to a school that's cranking out another batch.

And it's goodnight from me.

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Rebecca said...

Elder is a title, not a name. The boys would have introduced themselves as "Elder X" and "Elder Y." The women are called "Sister."