Friday, June 29, 2007


JESS: You don't even know anything about my Supreme Court case.

SCOTT: Yeah, I do. It involved global warming. You were for it, or against it, or didn't believe in it or something.

JESS: Against it.

And a lot of damned good you did. It's still hot as hell.

Busy day. Fake test:

You'd think a practice MBE would only produce practice anxiety.
And yet I find myself at least half heartedly cramming.


Just pretend it's an exam that doesn't matter. Like the Idaho Bar.

Then had to call five different numbers to get a replacement health insurance card since my current one, unlaminated, dissolved in my wallet. Cutting through red tape jungles in attempt to consolidate some loans. Gym and Five Guys then my nightly meet and greet 'round Arlington. Mix in some contracts study.

Hmm, have to write Cambra.

Just started listening to the Beethoven piano sonata cycle. I know them all. I'm always floored. So perfect.

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