Monday, June 25, 2007


SCOTT: I found the food!

GEE: No! Don't feed her, she's fat!

But she looked so pathetic. Her eyes were all big and she was rubbing my leg and mewing.

GEE: Just take the food out of the bowl.

SCOTT: ...she's going to hate me.

What a wonderful day. We all rolled out of bed at ten, after Gee pounced on me a few times and took pictures of my bed hair--it needs a cut. Hunted down fresh bagels and coffee, had breakfast at Gee's and promptly feel back asleep, the wind blowing through the window.

Hugs all around, Gee left for a concert, and I, entranced by the weather, decided to walk forty blocks to Penn Station (the doorman didn't think I could do it. Ha!). I like walking. Retrieved Jess and headed for DeLancey, where Jer swung by and picked us both up. We pierced New Jersey, then got swamped in Delaware and were forced onto the back roads.

Didn't roll into DC until nine which was just enough time to get to the 9:30 Club to watch Kristianne make her guitar sing. Hugged her and Mark goodbye, and caught a cab home.


My knee feels funny.

Has it been telling jokes?

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