Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was reading a book titled "The Philosophy of South Park" or something in Borders. Not very good, but one interesting point was the defense of anti-smoking advocates: "Yes, anti-smokers are being assholes, but smokers were assholes back when they were in power, and turnabout's fair play." (The philosopher authors use profanity often because they're trying to imitate their subject matter--the effect is stupid, because, unlike Parker and Stone, philosophers aren't funny [except Ayn Rand]).

Now smokers are out there trying to get smoking banned in bars and restaurants, bringing down the full weight of the state to disallow property owners their own choice as to the matter. So, if the turnabout is really fair, there'll be evidence that way back when smokers used the state to try and keep property owners from disallowing smoking in their establishments. No idea if that's the case, but I doubt it.

[22:04] [FanOfTheSitcom227]: i deleted all my porn

[22:07] Remy Boncouer:
Feds getting too close again?

[22:07] [FanOfTheSitcom227]:
no, just for self-growth

[22:07] Remy Boncouer:
Not literally.

[22:07] [FanOfTheSitcom227]:

Not a bad day all around. Blessed be the optimists--they're stupid in all the right ways.

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