Sunday, July 22, 2007


[18:11] Dagny02: good luck

[18:35] Remy Boncouer:
For what?

[18:35] Dagny02:
bar exam?

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
Oh yeah. When is that?

[18:36] Dagny02:
Jay says it's on Tuesday

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
THIS Tuesday?

[18:36] Remy Boncouer:
*falls out of his chair*

[18:36] Dagny02:
I hope you're joking

[18:37] Dagny02:
Don't you have to go take it in New York?

[18:37] Dagny02:
maybe your dates are different

[18:37] Remy Boncouer:
I hope I don't have to go all the way to NY.

[18:38] Dagny02:
good lord, if you are this not on top of things, there is no helping you.

[18:38] Remy Boncouer:
Hold on, another quarter stuck in my nose.

[18:40] Remy Boncouer:
Yeah, I'm taking the 10AM train to Albany tomorrow. Just like that Gladys Knight song.

[18:40] Dagny02:
why Albany?

[18:40] Remy Boncouer: It's the state capital of the state!


Joshua Holmes said...

I wouldn't say it's just like that Gladys Knight song. After all, Albany is the opposite direction from Georgia, and 10 am isn't midnight (except in Asia).

Jacob Lyles said...

I am very amused by the fact that you have friends with screen names like "Dagny02"