Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

DAVID: I've got this lump and I've been doing heavy lifting. So I'm thinking it's a hernia.

SCOTT: Could be the bubonic plague.

DAVID: That never happens anymore.

I know, so I'm thinking we're due. Anyway, here's a quick fix. What you do is find yourself some cow semen.

Cow semen?

Yeah, just find yourself some of that, and inject it into the nearest vein. That's how they cured it back in the day.

Oh yeah! I totally saw a history channel show about that!

Right! I bet you never thought you'd be injecting cow semen into a vein again!

DAVID: No way. I mean, I had to give the cow semen up--too fatty.

Totally. You had all those little baby cows running around in your veins. That's not good for anything, is it, Grandmother?

DAVID: Grandmother?

SCOTT: I wanted Jay to think I was talking to my grandmother on the phone about cow semen. Good joke. Eh, Mom?

DAVID: Cow semen!

SCOTT: Happy 4th of July!

All of you, enjoy your holiday. I'm off to study Constitutional law.

[6:40:57 PM] Scott says: This bed gives good nap.

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