Thursday, July 19, 2007


[11:13:53 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: What happened to being a porno lawyer?

[11:14:01 PM] Scott says: Pornolaw! I'd forgotten!

[11:14:20 PM] Scott says:

[11:14:47 PM] Scott says:
Wow. One of the hits from that is a blog I used to be on.

[11:14:54 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:

[11:14:56 PM] Scott says:
And it's a post I wrote.

[11:15:00 PM] Scott says:
I guess that's not so amazing.

[11:15:07 PM] Scott says:
But I'm glad I'm recycling terms.

[11:16:44 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:
Consistency is good.

[11:17:00 PM] Scott says:
Actually, looks like I stole it from Swanwick.

[11:17:15 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says:
What is "stealing," anyway?

[11:17:27 PM] Scott says:
"Hi, I'm Scott Scheule. You may remember me from such blogs as What Carrot-Top Did Yesterday, Shaq-Fu: The Lifestyle, and Postings for Algernon. I first came to prominence in the blogosphere after my award-winning expose on the fightin' drunken bums outside my window, whom I have named Nathaniel and Cassie Anne Henderson."

[11:17:33 PM] Scott says:
I don't remember writing this.

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