Sunday, July 08, 2007


Lately I've been interested in the debates on the nature of consciousness. It's interesting to watch because unlike, say politics, I don't have any horse in the race. Penrose has this quantum idea--I've only read his initial starts at this and not his fleshing out. I like that. Dennett seems rather silly, trying to support an ironclad materialism that ends up leading us down ridiculous avenues. Also, he's kind of a nasty writer. Searle makes interesting points.

From what I can tell--and I haven't read much--the debate rages between people who admit there's a big mystery to it all and those that insist that some complex algorithm is the explanation to that mystery but who nonetheless lack the means to explain how it explains anything.

At Wake Forest, the campus adjoined the Reynolda Gardens, which had a long field, a small lake, and trails through the forest.

The forest path was pitch black in the spring, when the trees were leaved. I'd go there in the dead of the night, and walk through it for no other reason than it scared me to death.

I still do that, in one way or another. Not often enough.

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