Friday, August 03, 2007


SCOTT: Did you ever play Chrono Trigger?


SCOTT: Remember Lavos?

JACOB: Sure.

SCOTT: Remember the Lavos Spawn?

JACOB: Think so.

SCOTT: (pointing) Look at the SunTrust logo. It's a Lavos Spawn!

JACOB: My God, you're right.

SCOTT: I noticed that six months ago and I've been trying to find someone to tell it to.

Incidentally, you can adopt your very own Lavos Spawn here.


SP said...

How about a Lavos bit? Where can I adopt one of those?

Scott said...

Once, we accidentally sent somebody a Core instead of a Bit, and all hell broke loose. So we don't sell those anymore.

Jay Goodman Tamboli said...


Scott said...

He said, during a two minute break from raiding Alliance strongholds in the World of Warcraft.