Monday, October 29, 2007


me: Whatchu doing in Boston?

Hanah: Libertarian cconference

me: Ah, the Cabal. How's the movement coming?

Hanah: Great. Lots of smart grad atudents, esp. the women

me: Things sure have changed. In my day, it was all a bunch of undersexed men working for their GEDs.

Hanah: 5 women out of 15 attendees, but they were way more interesting than the men. 3 unmarried

me: Most women are more interesting than men. Most of that is due to the breasts.

Hanah: True

me: How do they work? What are they for? These questions keep me up nights.

Hanah: Feeding babies


me: Jay has a beard. He's trying to look Turkish for his upcoming trip/

Hanah: Beards are bizarre. How do they work? What are they for?

me: Also feeding babies.

Hanah: Intriguing

me: Mine secretes mashed peas.

Hanah: Runaway rocking chair!

me: That shouldn't be possible!

Hanah: It was dragging a woman behind it

me: My God! Has the already fragile alliance b/w man and rocking chair come to an end??

Hanah: She seems to have gotten the better of it now.

me: There's a lawyer position in LA. If I worked there, it would be just like that TV show!

Hanah: Definitely

me: Seinfeld. But with lawyers.

Hanah: Seinfeld is in ny

me: Right, like an LA Seinfeld with lawyers.

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