Friday, November 02, 2007

Correspondence with our Man in Cairo

[1:08:01 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: I wonder where we're going for dinner. I think the conference is paying for all of our meals, which is really cool.

[1:08:09 PM] Scott says: Dude, sweet.

[1:08:14 PM] Scott says: Order the lobster.

[1:08:17 PM] Scott says: The Arabian lobster.

[1:08:22 PM] Scott says: Which is goat.

[1:10:44 PM] Scott says: I found a missing sock! It was in the sleeve of a shirt that's been hanging in the closet for the last month.

[1:11:24 PM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: Woohoo!

[1:11:30 PM] Scott says: That's pretty much all that's happened since you've left.

Also exciting, today I wore a shirt missing a button. After a coworker noticed my visible navel, I cleverly remedied the situation by use of a paperclip. Very MacGyver, except I used a handgun while doing this.

Speaking of handguns:

So anyway, [the first interpretation of the Second Amendment is] right... and the Supreme Court knows it, but they haven't taken the opportunity to say so because for the past fifty years the Court's been quite hesitant to protect Constitutional rights when those Constitutional rights aren't completely imaginary. On the other hand, expect a case protecting the right of juvenile transvestites to be free of excessive punitive damages later this term.

UPDATE: Jay Goodman Tamboli has passed the Maryland Bar, the only legal bar exam that requires proper dissection and labelling of an authentic Chesapeake blue-shelled crab.

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