Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Also Managed to Smack My Own Ass

So your typical racquetball round between Jay and me consists of a few solid shots with every successive return requiring more and more complex acrobatics to reach the ball in time. It's like a game of twister--by the fourth return you're typically throwing the racquet at the ball, or hopping on one leg and trying to pull off some weird jump off the wall move you once saw Jean-Claude Van Damme do in Timecop and swinging wildly. Yesterday, I somehow managed to miss a return and slam the racquet into my left hand.

[11:58:12 AM] Scott says: You should see how purple my finger is!

[11:58:27 AM] Jay Goodman Tamboli says: You have a cameraphone. You should blog it.

[11:59:14 AM] Scott says: I don't have a cameraphone. But if I did, the caption would be: "It's like I got to third base with Grimace!"

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