Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pyramidgate - The Fallout

Hanah: you made me start laughing in Sasha's class.

Scott: ... Take that, professor Volokh.

Hanah: did you really draw a picture of the pyramids?

Scott: I've got it right in front of me right now. Jay's got ninja swords, and he's being attacked by a dimetrodon.

Hanah: ... maybe you could fax it to Sasha

Scott: I hope he's not offended [by] the cartoon of him being mauled by tigers.
(He's the stick figure with the fro)

Hanah: ... you're a bit slow with the blogs this morning, aren't yoU?

Scott: Whoa, sorry, Speedy Gonzales, some of us don't have the luxury that you have, being able to get up at 5 in the morning. Some of us have to stay up late playing video games and sleep ten straight hours.

Hanah: poor thing

Scott: Pity me. Plus, I haven't been hugged in weeks.

Hanah: Jay will be back soon.

Scott: I know. I'm kind of hurt that he asked Erica to take care of his cats and not me.

Hanah: I'm sure he would have asked Erica to take care you if he'd thought about it.

Scott: HAHA. If I was in Sasha's class, you would have just made me laugh out loud.

Hanah: :)

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