Thursday, November 01, 2007

This Puts Me in League with Adrian Brody and Isabelle Huppert!

Hanah: plus, everyone there is good looking, so your chances are lower (no offense) because of the competition

me: Wow. Ouch.

no, really. That's what I tell my sister

You're reasonably hot in a normal place.

I can be quite good looking with the proper hat.

But in L.A., the curve is much higher.

concentration of movie stars

and anorexic people

it's kind of gross, actually

me: "Reasonably hot in a normal place" is going on my resume.


punk rock girl said...

first: i really like your blog. its strange but i feel an obligation to tell you that i enjoy your blog before i comment. being a complete stranger and all.

second: i think reasonably hot in a normal place belongs on a dating resume. or perhaps under volunteer work.

Scott said...

Oh my God, you read my blog and I don't even know you?

Second of ly, everyone pay attention here because she's absolutely right. All commenters do bear an obligation to tell me that they enjoy my blog, even if they don't. Also, remember that there is a perpetual blog get together party going on for "The Trial by Existence" that is held constantly within a ten foot radius of myself. Feel free to show up and bring drinks. Also note that I don't add ads to my blog, though I could make mad money doing so--you may feel some awe at my strength in avoiding crass materialism. That strength's got to be worth something and you should pay me that much plus tip.

Scott said...

Thanks for reading!

punk rock girl said...

i wouldnt think less of you if you did add ads. if i knew how i would do it in a heartbeat. i am always looking for new and exiting ways to sell out.

Scott said...

Speaking of, your comment almost tricked me into a making a ridiculously unfunny joke, along these lines:

"You don't know how to add ads? It's easy! 1 ad + 2 ads = 3 ads, 2 ads + 2 ads = 4 ads."

But I caught myself just in time.

A professor of mine in undergrad once told me that college was all about enriching your soul, so when you get out in the real world said soul will demand a high price. I took those words to heart, another thing I plan to sell given the opportunity.