Monday, November 05, 2007

Thought for Food

I put my lunch break off for a long time. I usually get hunger pangs around 10 or 11, but I just ignore them and they go away, like all bodily urges. I've been puzzling over why I do this, and I think the answer may be that I just like the anticipation of my daily Subway foot-long and extend that anticipation gratuitously.

I bet saving sex for marriage is really this same urge writ large. That's also why you put off reading this post for so long. But damn, it feels good to be reading it now, doesn't it? The point is--I'm like food and honeymoon sex. Anyway, I just absent-mindedly chewed up and swallowed a piece of paper and most of my right pinky (which I won't miss, it being the most socialist of all the fingers), so I'm taking my break.

To tide you over until your next helping of me, I enclose some quotations from correspondence between my former professor, John Cage specialist, spectacular pianist, and dear friend, Louis Goldstein and me:

Scott --> Louis:

But Manfred is a little baffling, formwise. Still, that fugue in the fourth movement kicks ass!

Louis --> Scott:

It took umpteen million hundred of listenings and then I got it, and still sometimes I don't. Then I some point I realized that I LOVED form in music... And Mahler kicks ass.

There is, of course, much more, but I have strived to keep this presentation positively Webernian! (Don't even pretend to understand that unless you have a music degree, like I do.)

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