Friday, November 09, 2007

Watercooler Talk

Jelena: Another thing about Don Giovanni: the ending is really silly.

Scott: Silly? What's silly about it?

Jelena: Come on, a walking statue!

Scott: Look, back then they didn't know that statues couldn't walk. You have to judge these things by the standards of the day.


Jelena: I know our cubicles are supposed to look quite professional, what with the overhead compartment opening upwards.

In fact, you can fit a human body in one of those.

How do you know that?

Scott: ... So I've got to be getting back to work.


punk rock girl said...

when i was in law school we had desks with overhead compartments. my first year of law school i got ulcers and lost a lot of weight. and i found out i could actually fit in the overhead compartment. to this day i think it was probably my greatest accomplishment in that three year stint.

Scott said...

Please stop rubbing your successes in the faces of those who never managed such achievements.

Scott said...

P.S. I'm writing this from inside my desk drawer.