Monday, January 07, 2008

The Edge of Knowledge

Dubizzle showed me this, a list of public intellectuals answering the question: "What have you changed your mind about?"

It's all fascinating, and after I read through it, I vomited and soon plan to drink. Goddamn you people--agree on something, damn you. One guy says something about science having all the answers, another about them not being there. We got pro and anti-ev psychers. The world's a myth--no, it's not! Consciousness is easy, hard, or easy because it's hard. And it is hard, hard to fight the notion that we're all floating in a big vat of unknowability. Eventually you'll end up skimming because you know what this dude says is going to be completely contradicted by a chick two pages over.

However, NB: unanimous agreement on global warming. Buy stock in galoshes.

My contribution: I changed my mind about Mahler. That First Symphony is rad.

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Lyco said...

Ha ha.

I get to keep my job. Global warming for all!