Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby Talk

Scott: When am I taking care of the kids?

March 1-6
well, 2-5

Scott: Awesome.
Can I chill in your place and play with them?

Hanah: they're excited

Scott: Any pills for Ethelwolf?

Hanah: no pills

Scott: Phew.

Hanah: but it would be helpful if you could provide reassurance that I will still love them when the baby comes

Hmm. I might be able to communicate that with a skillful puppetshow. I'll give it a shot.

Hanah: mostly I just pet them and say "I'll still love you when the baby comes"

Scott: I can do that.

Hanah: then Maggie asks why it's taking so damn long
and Ethelwolf is all, "what's a baby?"

Scott: "Is it a type of food?"

Hanah: Ethelwolf will weigh more than the baby for the first 22 weeks or so.
according to this growth chart.

Scott: Ethelwolf's size already violates natural law and several of the more respectable rules of thermodynamics--so I'd be somewhat skeptical of predictions.

Hanah: yeah, I'm assuming Ethelwolf will remain constant while the baby grows.
plus, this chart is in kilograms, so I could be way off.

Scott: Ethelwolfis paribus
Kilogram is just a commie word for pound.

Hanah: they use them in England

Scott: And yet their money is pounds! How much sense does that make?

Hanah: well, if both were pounds, they'd get confused

Are you saying English people are stupid?

Hanah: I have to go watch tv before I puke.

Scott: I'll assume it's something I said. Enjoy!

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