Friday, February 15, 2008

Bobby Baby

So besides the sex and violence, my days aren't that eventful, despite a large and important project at work. As to that, we've been slamming against deadlines, but finally produced a bit of a buffer. If that sounds exciting, it's because it is! Mainly I've been reading and summarizing corporate taxation around the globe. You should see the capital gains rates in Brunei--my nipples are hard just thinking about it.

As always, reading about any tax with a title in the vein of "Social Insurance Payment" or "Enforced Contribution to Disemployment Scheme" makes me ill.

Last night, I was in the weight room, when Hanah sauntered over, poked me, and announced my workout was over and we were going to dinner. Hanah thinks that merely having a tiny person biding time in her tummy gives her some power over other people, whereby we are all slave to her surely increasingly hormonal whims. Which of course we are.

So I changed, and Jay and the two of us (technically, I suppose, the 2.08 of us) went out for pizza.

I've gained five pounds, but my belt is looser than ever. I know what you're going to say: muscle is heavier than fat. But c'mon, that's just something skinny people say to fat people. So I'm not sure what to make of it--I'm going on the theory that a month of crunches has granted me the ability to suck in my gut perpetually, and the reason my chest is bulgier is not because of the benching, but because my greater omentum and other assorted guts are stuffed up behind it.

My new love is the musical Company. My coworker, Joshana, suggested it. I've been watching youtube clips of a documentary on the recording of the original soundtrack, the highlight of which is Elaine Stritch being reduced through ten hours of singing to a guttural cackle. (To her credit, she ends up hitting it out of the park. And I'll drink to that.) Plus look how cute Sondheim was.

I am too straight.

Besides that, I admit I've been spending a lot of time playing FFXI with David. Here's a picture of us out levelling. He's the Sean Conneryesque elf, and I'm waving.

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