Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Socratic Dialogue, Panera

JAY: So not only are you playing a video game in public, but you're doing it while reading a graphic novel? Aren't you ashamed?

SCOTT: If I do it in private, then there's no reason not to do it in public.

JAY: But if you do it in private, there's no shame in it.

SCOTT: If something is worth being ashamed of doing, you should be ashamed of doing it in private or in public.

JAY: The way I look at it, other people need to know you're doing something for you to be ashamed of it.

SCOTT: No. You should be ashamed of certain things, whether people know about them or not.

JAY: Why?

SCOTT: It's axiomatic.

JAY: I believe a different axiom.

SCOTT: You're wrong.

[thence conversation proceeds to topic of masturbation. Scott talks, Jay puts on headphones, so Scott talks much louder. Presumably Jay would be less ashamed of conversation if held in private, while Scott would not.]

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